What are PLANKS?

PLANKS are unique and dynamic  building blocks designed to inspire creative minds. Identical in size and shape, and cut precisely from 100%  New Zealand plantation pine, PLANKS are  specifically proportioned so that,with the help of gravity and a little imagination, you can build, boats, castles, animals and robots... or even a spiralling staircase to the moon.  Totally inclusive, PLANKS  encourage a wonderful mix of creativity and skill, social development and  imagination. 

Fun for all ages

The joy of open ended construction play does not leave us when we age and grow. The delight in changing and designing the world around us is constant at every age. The rectangular prism shape of PLANKS provides opportunities for both simple stacking towers of impressive height as well as sophisticated designs, for ALL ages.
What can I build?

Almost anything can be built from PLANKS, from the most basic repetitive tower to the most sophisticated of counter-balance and design.



PLANKS by Green Hat Workshop are available in both natural and four colours. Green Hat sell direct with free shipping to most Australian locations. Perfect for home, kindergarten, office and school PLANKS are sold in quntities ranging from 100 to 1,000 so the fun can be individual engineering challenges or whole group creations.