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2018 Workshop fees

A general guide:
$450 for 2 hrs or any part thereof
$700 for a full day.

*For distances from Melbourne over 1hr a travel levy is applied.
For regional and interstate visits please request a quote.

I think it's fair to say that for the untrained eye, an open ended, self-directed PLANKS workshop for multiple abilities looks a bit like a chaotic mess.

If a trained educator looks closely at Green Hat Workshop's PLANKS incursion however they will identify a huge amount of learning, learning that is highly personal, often highly complex and usually subconscious.

During a PLANKS workshop students develop their sense of:
  • creativity, as PLANKS do not have close-ended, pre-designed outcomes, guides or clips but are freely moved and arranged in a 3 dimensional space.
  • interpersonal skills and communication when students express their design ideas, predict future outcomes, negotiate resources or encourage others to join them in achieving the tallest tower or biggest city.
  • spatial cognition, when keeping towers straight, spheres rounded, maps and house layouts scaled consistently and when enclosing structures with the identically shaped PLANKS.
  • forces and movement when insufficient mass or weight distribution leads to bridges or leaning towers falling, or when blocks slide or grip on different surfaces or at different angles.
  • fine motor control when blocks need to be delicately balanced just so.
  • patterning, when students lead or follow a flat tessellated floor design, or a 3D pattern, to create a cylindrical tower or symmetrical fortress
Students also:
  • compare tower heights, road lengths, whether a structure is a good representation of a car or a person.
  • create shared narrative around the design of liveable housing and secure castles,
  • work with a wide range of younger and older students compromising, scaffolding, being patient and tolerant, challenged and challenging, leading and following.
...and students are resilient too, if their structure doesn't work out and crashes to the ground.

This year Green Hat Workshop is continuing to reach new schools; engaging students, parents and educators with:
  • Mathematics Evenings
  • STEM / STEAM & Interpersonal Skills  - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics
  • MAV Partnerships - Whole school focus with The Mathematical Association of Victoria.
  • HASS - Humanities and Social Studies, Topic Study (cities, communities and more)
  • Creative Celebrations (beginning or end of term fun)
  • Buddy Programs (getting to know you - shared, creative fun for all abilities)
  • Teacher Professional Developments (Blocks in Mathematical Education, Play-based learning)

An open ended, play-based program which engages every age and every ability
What are PLANKS?
PLANKS are precisely made, identically shaped, rectangular prism construction blocks.
Green Hat Workshop's collection of over 25,000 PLANKS are used in our school incursion program to authentically engage all ages in the joy of structural engineering.
Who are Green Hat Workshop?

Green Hat Workshop is a small Melbourne based company who believe in a life of playful experimentation and constant engagement with the elements of our world. We are dedicated to providing workshops and products that foster lifelong learning and creatively challenge all ages.
With over a decade of Primary School teaching experience, Education Manager Cam Lee, leads a group of inspiring facilitators who deliver one of Australia's most engaging Science, Technology, Art and Mathematics focused school incursion programs.

Workshop Facilitators

Curriculum Links

Shape, comparison, ratio, pattern, symmetry, angle, language of location, mapping, rotation and tesselation and probability.

Speaking and listening, lettering in different mediums, reflection and response of written and filmic text.

Forces and movement, questioning and predicting.

Create designed solutions suitable for a range of contexts.
Transfer knowledge and skills from design and technologies to new situations.

Visual Arts
Conceptual & perceptual ideas represented through design, aethsetic judgement and appreciation.

Physical Education
Promote a sense of personal identity, spatial coordination, repeating a demonstrated physical pattern, fine motor skills

also team building, interpersonal skills, resiliance ...and more

*Not all curriculum outcomes listed will be demonstrated by all participants in all workshops


At Green Hat Workshop we tailor our PLANKS Workshops to suit your school or class requirements.

Most often we begin our workshops with an introduction that inspires curriculum outcomes of Mathematics, Science, Art, English, Humanities and Social Studies or more broadly Interpersonal Skills. After some short warm-up challenges, the workshop is predominantly open ended play, through which teachers will indentify a wealth of authentic ability appropriate, learning outcomes.
We finish with a brief reflection and then a cleanup.

It was great to see every student participating in their own way and learning from each other. I had only positive feedback from staff and students and we will certainly have you back again next year. Our school is very focused on our 7 C's (Collaboration, curiousity, critical thinking, citizenship, character, communication & creativity) all things which your incursions help to foster. 
The whole process has been very straightforward and professional. Congratulations on your provision of such a great incursion.

Deb Nugent
Wooranna Primary School,
Family Evenings

Engaging with the forces of our world and creating engineered artforms is an activity in which many parents have not participated since they themselves were children. A STE(A)M evening can unlock hidden passions and bring the joy of patterning, engineering art and authentic multi-age play to your school community.
After a short presentation explaining the importance of physical enagement with forces and movement and concepts of mathematics, families engage in an hour of open ended play.