The Art of Facilitation
Facilitation is 33% psychology, 33% engineering

The disciplines as we know them are arbitary divisions of human understanding

The pleasure of blocks stems primarily from the aethsetic experience. It involves the whole person - muscles and senses,intellect and emotion. :earning results from the imaginitive activity, from the need to pose and solve problems.

Elizabeth Hirsch 'The block book',

Commonly after a brief introduction covering some 3D shape characteristics, building and design strategies and the stimulation and inspiration of creativity, several "closed" warm up activities are undertaken. These emphasise fine motor skill and balance and can include a group creative problem solving challenge also.
Free, open ended play follows and depending on the group's

Our Facilitators work with an understanding of Piaget's Constructivist theories of cognitive development and Green Hat Workshop's core value of working with the Participants in front of us, rather than to a "turn-key" preprepared plan, means that we are highly adaptable.

  • There is an element of the divine in all children
  • Children self realise
  • The readiness principal
  • Children cannot be forced to learn
  • All behaviour has meaning